Zodi-Back To School Line
The Challenge
To Create a line of school products and apparel that allow students to express their identity. Designs should be cohesive across several different creative products.
Initial Direction
I wanted to utilize the zodiac signs and delve into their classical associations to build a coherent line of products. While I've been interested in astrology since I was young, the study has seen a huge rise in popularity. It's accessible--everyone has a birthday, everyone has a sign--but I wanted to figure out how to make imagery that would stand out from a lot of existing astrological art and merchandise. 
Style Exploration
I explored a glittering space theme as a starting point, but it felt too obvious. If you delve deeper into the study of astrology you learn that the physical constellations are less important than the mathematical wheel of 12 signs. I definitely wanted to use the wheel imagery and found it used in art nouveau. The flat colors and intricate line work felt like a fresh new avenue for this subject.

Galactic Shine Mood Board

Art Nouveau Mood Board

The first step was to pin down the color palette for each sign. I researched existing associations, which themselves are based on each signs element and ruling planet. I liked the signs name as the focal point and tested different applications. 
The Final Result
I illustrated elements and developed a color palette for each sign. I used a calligraphy illustrator brush to draw each signs symbol, planet, flower, gem and element. I settled on the font Mira but edited in stars to dot the i's as a nod to the constellations.  
It's possible astrology inspired my love of design. It introduced me to elegant symbols and design systems. It was a thrilling challenge to create imagery that would let each sign's unique qualities shine while uniting them under a coherent look. I would love to expand this line to apparel as well.
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