Ala Tea Canned Tea Lattes
The Challenge
To create a line of beverages to be sold in high end grocery stores like Whole Foods. Develop a brand, logo, typography and packaging that is consistent across an entire line of flavors and products. 
Initial Direction
I wanted to create a line of packaged, ready-to-drink tea lattes that consumers would reach for when they needed both energy and comfort. I wanted this product to be seen as a delicious treat, in contrast with the marketing of coffee as fuel or necessity. Tea has a much wider range of flavors, building opportunity for buyers to feel more attached to their favorite variety. 
Style Exploration
There were three directions I explored for the look and feel of this product: 
A matte pastel aesthetic inspired by the colors of milk tea itself. Cute and comforting.
Metallic line art on dark backgrounds for a high contrast, luxurious feel.
Clear glass bottles with minimal branded elements to let the product shine through.

Matte Pastel

Metallic Art Deco

Transparent Cut Outs 


Digital Drafts
After exploring each aesthetic and receiving feedback I decided to move forward with the high contrast style. I used galaxy imagery as reference to the "milky" way. But the overall design was busy and the logo got lost. I went back to sketching to redevelop the logo.
The Final Result
The logo I created is a combination of a milk carton and a tea bag. I chose the font Akaju Outline for it's bubbly roundness. The supporting body is Baloo 2 which has more subtle rounded edges. I reworked the galaxy art to have a barista milk pitcher pouring drop shaped stars. 
While I had clear imagery in my head for the design of the packaging, I didn't think much of the brand itself. I skipped the crucial steps of developing the logo and had to double back. I love the final results but it definitely took a long way to get there. I would like to expand this project to other flavors as well as social media and web layouts.
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